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My Child Was Just like Me

Just as we left the homes our parents have built for us, our children will leave the homes we build for them. One player takes on the responsibilities of the parent. Build a home, save money and care for your child. The other player takes the role of the growing child. Spend money, free yourself from your parent and flee the home, grow up and repeat the cycle with switched roles.

Made during the Global Game Jam 2019. The theme was What home means to you.


Music by Blake Robinson:
Sound effects: , , , , , , ,
Icons: ,

programming game

QT3.14 is an easy to learn programming game for kids. QT3.14 is a robot you have to program! Help QT3.14 make it through 10 levels of increasing difficulty. Watch out that QT3.14 stays on the way! Unlock achievements for completed levels!

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R2 talk.wav by mik300z , Music by lecorbeaugris

Christmas Pairs

A christmas themed pair game. Find the matching pairs for a christmas surprise.

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arcade game

Whallop the Woodchuck in this silly reaction game. Compete on the Leaderboard for the distinction of best Woodchuck Walloper worldwide. It is pretty pathetic. But one has to start somewhere.

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puzzle game

It is the year 1866. The Queen has sent the interplanetary steamer HMS Victoria to claim Mars in the name of the British Empire.
You are a plumber responsible for the pressure release valves on deck 43. To release pressure connect the valves on both sides of the console by rotating pipes.

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Music from AudioJungle: Minions by Stormwave
Sound effects from jingle-achievement-00.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory , success_low.wav by grunz , Powerup/success.wav by GabrielAraujo , success 2 by fins , success 1 by fins , Conceptual Anomaly +30.aiff by JimiMod , Verloren.mp3 by Kastenfrosch , Analog Alarm Clock by bone666138 , synthetic wood knock.flac by Timbre , Egg timer winding ticking ringing.wav by Hoscalegeek , Steam by Aiwha , grandfather clock ding dong.wav by ejfortin , winding mechanism by baryy , TenChimes.wav by daveincamas , Steam Hiss.wav by jesabat , Gate_Squeak_03.wav by Koops , Drain by majorasflask

Work in progress

What is this?

Commuting is boring

I have a fairly long commute by train. I could read or watch movies, but if I do something productive the time feels less wasted. So I am creating small games.
Sometimes, the train itself is really comfortable. Internet would be useful, of course, but also distracting. All in all, working on a train is rather peaceful and it is easy to concentrate.